44-200 Rybnik ul. 3 Maja 9/1B
Update : 2023-12-08 16:53:45
Wholesale prices
Currency Purchase Sale
Euro Euro EUR4.3100 4.3490
USA dollar USA dollar USD4.0010 4.0490
Czech Republic crown Czech Republic crown CZK0.1745 0.1785
Great Britain pound Great Britain pound GBP5.0010 5.0600
Switzerland franc Switzerland franc CHF4.5510 4.6400
Australia dollar Australia dollar AUD2.5700 2.7100
Canada dollar Canada dollar CAD2.8700 3.0300
Danish krone Danish krone DKK0.4930 0.5600
Norway Crown Norway Crown NOK0.2900 0.3400
Sweden crown Sweden crown SEK0.3500 0.3880
Albania lek Albania lek ALL0.0390 0.0470
Bulgaria Lev Bulgaria Lev BGN2.2000 2.4900
Georgia Lari Georgia Lari GEL1.5000 1.7600
Hungary forint Hungary forint HUF0.0112 0.0128
Japan yen Japan yen JPY0.0270 0.0312
Romanian leu Romanian leu RON0.9270 0.9680
Thailand baht Thailand baht THB0.1230 0.1340
Turkey lira Turkey lira TRY0.1630 0.1800
Iceland Crown Iceland Crown ISK0.0026 0.0030
Detal price
Currency Purchase Sale
Euro Euro EUR 4.2300 4.4300
USA dollar USA dollar USD 3.9500 4.1500
Czech Republic crown Czech Republic crown CZK 0.1700 0.1820
Great Britain pound Great Britain pound GBP 4.9500 5.1500
Switzerland franc Switzerland franc CHF 4.5000 4.7000
Australia dollar Australia dollar AUD 2.4500 2.7000
Canada dollar Canada dollar CAD 2.7500 3.2500
Danish krone Danish krone DKK 0.4500 0.6300
Norway Crown Norway Crown NOK 0.3100 0.4200
Sweden crown Sweden crown SEK 0.3500 0.4300
UAE dirham UAE dirham AED 1.0600 1.2500
Albania lek Albania lek ALL 0.0410 0.0475
Bulgaria Lev Bulgaria Lev BGN 2.3000 2.5500
China Juan China Juan CNY 0.5600 0.6550
Georgia Lari Georgia Lari GEL 1.5600 1.7900
Hungary forint Hungary forint HUF 0.0110 0.0130
Japan yen Japan yen JPY 0.0290 0.0350
Mexico pesos Mexico pesos MXN 0.1900 0.2970
Romanian leu Romanian leu RON 0.9000 1.1000
Thailand baht Thailand baht THB 0.1100 0.1440
Turkey lira Turkey lira TRY 0.1500 0.2400
Ukraine hryvnia Ukraine hryvnia UAH 0.1000 0.1200
Iceland Crown Iceland Crown ISK 0.0253 0.0350
Brazil realBrazil real BRL0.8300 1.0200
Chile pesosChile pesos CLP0.0040 0.0058
Dominican Republic pesosDominican Republic pesos DOP0.0700 0.1000
Egypt poundEgypt pound EGP0.1150 0.1550
India RupeeIndia Rupee INR0.0440 0.0570
Indonesia RupeeIndonesia Rupee (1000) IDR0.2500 0.3500
Jordan dinarJordan dinar JOD5.4500 6.3000
Kenya shillingKenya shilling KES0.0250 0.0410
South Korea WonSouth Korea Won (100) KRW0.2900 0.4100
Macedonia denariusMacedonia denarius MKD0.0700 0.0900
Maldives rupeeMaldives rupee MVR0.2000 0.4000
Malaysia RinggitMalaysia Ringgit MYR0.8000 1.1500
Morocco DirhamMorocco Dirham MAD0.4000 0.5500
Mauritius RupeeMauritius Rupee MUR0.0750 0.1350
New Zealand dollarNew Zealand dollar NZD2.3500 2.6800
Oman rialOman rial OMR8.5000 13.9000
Peruvian solPeruvian sol PEN1.0300 1.3500
South Africa randSouth Africa rand ZAR0.1800 0.3200
Cape Verde escudoCape Verde escudo CVE0.0380 0.0500
Seychelles rupeeSeychelles rupee SCR0.2800 0.4500
Singapore dollarSingapore dollar SGD2.7800 3.2500
Taiwan dollarTaiwan dollar TWD0.0900 0.1850
TZS0.0016 0.0030
Tunisia dinarTunisia dinar TND1.2300 1.5500
Vietnam dongVietnam dong (100) VND0.0160 0.0280
Coins (USD dolar : banknotes 1 $)
Euro Euro EUR 3.0000 4.8500
USA dollar USA dollar USD 3.9000 5.0000
Czech Republic crown Czech Republic crown CZK 0.1000 0.1820
Great Britain pound Great Britain pound GBP 3.0000 5.1000
We issue the evidence of buying and selling currencies for companies
Exchange office MAX Rybnik

Exchange office MAX Rybnik

44-200 Rybnik ul. 3 Maja 9/1B

Withdrawn Swiss francs 8 series
Withdrawn banknotes wholesale prices
Switzerland 8th franc seriesSwitzerland 8th franc seriesCHF84.19204.5100
England old poundEngland old poundGBP4.67405.0000
Australia old dollarAustralia old dollarAUD2.09903.4600
Czech Republic old crownCzech Republic old crownCZK0.15000.1770
Canada old dollarCanada old dollarCAD2.20902.7700
Switzerland old francSwitzerland old francCHF3.87304.5900
Hungary old forintHungary old forintHUF0.00670.0117
Falklands poundFalklands poundFKP4.67405.0000
Guernsey poundGuernsey poundGGP4.67405.0000
Ireland poundIreland poundIEP4.67405.0000
Scotland PoundScotland PoundSCP4.67404.9600
Jersey poundJersey poundJEP4.67405.0000
Isle of Man poundIsle of Man poundIMP4.67405.0000
German markGerman markDEM1.87902.1900
Estonia crownEstonia crownEEK0.22100.2640
Belgian francBelgian francBEF0.07500.1090
Slovakia crownSlovakia crownSKK0.08900.1460
Latvia latLatvia latLVL5.16306.2500
Lithuanian litLithuanian litLTL1.02601.2400
Luxembourgish francLuxembourgish francLUF0.07900.0990
Croatia old kunaCroatia old kunaHRK0.46000.5500
Slovenia tolarSlovenia tolarSIT0.01300.0180
Withdrawn banknotes Detal price
Switzerland 8th franc series Switzerland 8th franc seriesCHF84.17004.5100
England old pound England old poundGBP4.60005.0100
Australia old dollar Australia old dollarAUD1.76003.8000
Czech Republic old crown Czech Republic old crownCZK0.10000.1770
Canada old dollar Canada old dollarCAD2.00003.0100
Switzerland old franc Switzerland old francCHF3.65004.6200
Hungary old forint Hungary old forintHUF0.00350.0118
Falklands pound Falklands poundFKP4.27005.0100
Guernsey pound Guernsey poundGGP4.27005.0100
Ireland pound Ireland poundIEP4.27005.0100
Scotland Pound Scotland PoundSCP4.27004.9700
Jersey pound Jersey poundJEP4.27005.0100
Isle of Man pound Isle of Man poundIMP4.27005.0100
German mark German markDEM1.55002.2000
Estonia crown Estonia crownEEK0.16600.2640
Belgian franc Belgian francBEF0.06400.1100
Slovakia crown Slovakia crownSKK0.00600.1470
Latvia lat Latvia latLVL4.49006.3200
Lithuanian lit Lithuanian litLTL0.70001.2900
Luxembourgish franc Luxembourgish francLUF0.08100.1100
Croatia old kuna Croatia old kunaHRK0.46000.5500
Slovenia tolar Slovenia tolarSIT0.01300.0180
The exchange rates do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law and may be interpreted only as information.

If you want to exchange a larger amount, let us know in advance and we will prepare it for you for a specific date and time

Why the MAX Rybnik

We offer attractive exchange rates and the possibility of negotiating prices. We offer a wholesale exchange rate table that allows you to exchange more cash at an attractive rate. NOTE: In order to conclude a transaction, please confirm the exchange rates by phone. List of bank accounts serviced by our Bank Accounts exchange office.

Wolny etat. Kasjer walutowo-złotówkowy. Zapraszamy do składania cv. Rozpocznij przygodę z walutami z całego świata.

For customers exchange office

A special, discreet room for larger transactions.
- VIP customer service station,
- invisible to other people.

Location of the MAX exchange office in Rybnik

The exchange office is located at the intersection of 3 Maja and Bolesława Chrobrego streets, next to Biuro Podróży MAX and Bank Milenium..

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